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Help for the Diabetic Foot Center

літо 2022


After the start of the war, some doctors are forced to provide care under constant shelling, while medical facilities in more peaceful regions accept wounded soldiers and refugees.

Who needs it?

There is still not enough money, the state has the opportunity to feed in hospitals only once a day.

That is why the international charitable foundation "ANGEL ANONYMOUS" has taken under its wing the care of nutrition for patients of the Department of Diabetic Foot of the City Center. 7 microwave ovens were purchased for the hospital and together with the partner "Street soup" food was delivered to the hospital for 55 diabetic patients, most of whom are elderly people staying in the inpatient department of the center.

What are we collecting funds for?

The cost of lunch for one person on average is from UAH 13.75 to UAH 19.80 for a portion of soup and porridge together. The price depends on the type of soup and porridge, as it is different.

It's not much, less than the cost of one coffee in the morning on the way to work, and for these grandparents, it's an opportunity to have a nice lunch.

They need your help

I can help